Corn Silage

Corn Silage is the best solution to ensure Higher Quality and more milk from your animals year round.

What is Corn Silage?

  • Corn silage is popular forage for ruminant animals. It is formed by a process of anaerobic fermentation.
  • Corn Silage is high in energy and digestibility
  • Corn Silage is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to the time of feeding.
  • How is Corn Silage made?

  • Corn silage is made by harvesting crop at 30-38% DM
  • The chopped crop is compressed and packed in a bale/bag
  • Fermentation happens, leading to formation of acetic acid and lactic acid
  • Fermentation continues for 3 weeks, creating a nutritious and high energy feed for livestock

Nutrition profile of NorthernSilage Corn Silage?

Dry Matter (DM) 30-38%
Crude Protein (%DM) 6-9
ADF (%DM) 25-35
NDF (%DM) 35-50
Strach (%DM) 25-35
pH 3.7-4.2