Welcome to Northern Silage

We have pioneered the technology and art of high quality Silage, from rich soil of five rivers of Punjab. Mainly processing from hybrid Corn, Oat and Wheat etc. Under the supervision and guidance of specialist in Animal Nutrition experienced.

Since last 30 years, we produce Silage enriched with Lactobacillus and protected with high quality UV film for longer life of Corn Silage.

Our Mission is to improve the productivity of Indian Dairy Farmers and help them in getting the most out of their farms by providing high quality of corn silage..

Northern Silage is the first branded corn silage bale manufacturer in India and closely monitors the entire value chain from Sowing to Storing

Northern Silage has a state-of-art corn silage plant at Khanna, Punjab and supplies bales all across India

Northern Silage uses best-in-class Hybrid seeds & Inoculants and follows proper Agronomic Practices to deliver high quality corn silage year round

Northern Silage provides the hight waighted quality corn silage at cheaper prices.

Corn Silage

What is Corn Silage?

Corn Silage is the best solution to ensure Higher Quality and more milk from your animals year round.

Corn silage is popular forage for ruminant animals. It is formed by a process of anaerobic fermentation. Corn Silage is high in energy and digestibility Corn Silage is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to the time of feeding.